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You may apply at any time of year. It typically takes just two months or less to complete the certification process. How long depends on how quickly you complete the core requirements

To get started, click the green apply button below and take these two steps:

  1. Create a CNG producer account and
  2. Complete an application online
Apply to become certified naturally grown

Certification Types

We are currently accepting applications for Produce and FlowersLivestockApiaryAquaponics, and Mushrooms certification. Learn more about each of these certification types on their respective page, including the program’s certification standards, allowed and prohibited substances, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). 

There is no charge to submit an application online. Certification dues are expected only after an application has been accepted. For farmers without internet, we have paper applications. They may be requested by phone or mail. There is a $20 processing charge to submit a paper application. 

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