Salamander Springs Farm

Berea, Kentucky

Salamander Springs Farm is a small, intensive farm producing a wide range of market crops, including grains & dry beans, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers of any kind and without mechanized tillage--instead using cover crops and intensive mulched beds. Vegetable crops include potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, pumpkins & squash, cucumbers, peppers, greens, salad & stir-fry mixes as well as herbs & flowers. Black turtle beans, pinto beans, popcorn and heirloom wholegrain cornmeal are grown, dried, shelled, processed on the farm; 1# and 2# packages (with recipe) are available locally and online at Other 'Susana's Organics' products include dried culinary herbs & teas, herbal salves, luffa sponges, and heirloom corn seed (for the cornmeal) which is selected and sold through a VA heirloom seed company (

Salamander Springs Farm produce and products are sold year-round: at the Berea Farmer's Market from April-November; produce orders are delivered to the Berea winter market from November to April. Local Berea, KY area residents receive weekly postings of the farm produce list throughout the year (see

Salamander Springs Farm encompasses 98 acres of hardwood Appalachian forest south of Berea, KY, purchased in 2000 by 4 founding members with the goal of establishing a rural community committed to sustainable, ecologically sound living. Susana's homestead, farm and business were created from scratch on approximately 8 acres of ridge-top meadow of her 24 acres of this land, starting in 2001 by building a gravity-fed spring water system, planting the first part of the orchard and building the first structures on the land--a shed and outhouse. Since then, she has developed the farm and homestead based on permaculture principles without the use of mechanization, developing and recycling local resources. Today the farm includes market gardens, grain & bean fields, orchard & nut trees, pasture, and several structures, including a small solar-powered house built from locally harvested and milled wood. Insulated bed frames and a hoop house are utilized for year-round production.

Apprenticeships at Salamander Springs Farm are available from April 15 to October 15 (see During the season, work-exchanges such as WorldWide Opportunities On Organic Farms (, and college service & learning programs are also organized. Conditions are rustic in a beautiful setting (platform tent camping or Tipi, open air kitchen shelter, solar shower, compost toilet, kerosene lights, solar electric); farm infrastructure and home are being developed from scratch using local, recycled and salvaged materials. This is a place to learn about cycling local resources & energy, homesteading from the ground up, living within one's means, and using permaculture principles to develop sustainable crop production.

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P.O. Box 354
Wildie-Clear Creek Rd.
Berea, KY 40403
Madison/rockcastle County
United States


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