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2022 Summer Harvest Quarterly

Welcome to Our 75 Newly-Certified Farmers and Beekeepers

  • Rising Tide Farm, AK
  • Love Light Farm, AL
  • Red Rooster Farm, AR
  • Common Ground Farm Collective, AZ
  • Arize Farm Botanicals, CO
  • Falcon Microgreens Ltd, CO
  • Root Rock Farm, CO
  • Everoak Farm, FL
  • D&B Farm And Livestock, GA
  • Hall’s Homestead & Gardens, GA
  • Nevaeh Seniah, GA
  • Peach House Farm, GA
  • Robinson Heritage Farm, GA
  • Troublesome Creek Farm, GA
  • ZTA, GA
  • Kauai Specialtea, Tropicals and Spice, HI
  • The Garden Aisle, HI
  • Middle Way Farm, IA
  • Rhubarb Botanicals, IA
  • Ribier Gardens, ID
  • All Seasons Farm, IL
  • Primordia Foods, IL
  • Rustic Road Farm, IL
  • Green Fins, IN
  • Turkeyfoot Farm, IN
  • Kankakee Valley Homestead, IN
  • Broken Road Farm, KY 
  • Good Dog Farm, MD
  • Masterpiece Flowers, MD
  • Bass Root Farm, MI
  • McSpadden Farms, MI
  • Hinterland Farm and Kitchen, MI
  • Serenity Microgreens Farm, MI
  • SolFed Farm, MN
  • Essentially Well Acres, MO
  • Golden View Farm, MO
  • Bethesda Farming NC, NC
  • Clay Fish Farm, NC
  • FootHills Farm And Apiary, NC
  • Garden Window Farm, NC
  • Rierson Farms NC
  • Wild Scallions Farm, NC
  • Willow Oak Flower Farm, NC
  • Harmonia Organic Homestead, NS
  • Petals and Pages Flower Farm, NV
  • Astor Apiaries, NY
  • Common Hands Farm, NY
  • Enchanted Acres, NY
  • Queens County Farm Museum, NY
  • Under the Sun Honey & Grace Apiaries, NY
  • Valentines Farm, NY
  • Wet Wood Farm, OH
  • Wild Lark Farm, OK
  • Concession Road Garden, ON
  • Earthmother Farm, ON
  • Jones Family Greens, ON
  • JTs Artsy Breeze, ON
  • Kind Organics Inc, ON
  • Blackbranch Farm, PA
  • Demicco’s Honey, PA
  • Solidago Farm, PA
  • Gracious Farm, SC
  • Grace Farm, TN
  • Harpeth Moon Farm, TN
  • Little Hill Farm, TN
  • Ooha Sol Farm, TX
  • Allegheny Mountain Institute Farm at Augusta Health, VA
  • Kat The Farmer, VA
  • Shine Farms, VA
  • Thor Mountain, VA
  • WoodBox Farm, VA
  • Historic Stratton Farm, WA
  • January Farms, WI
  • Regeneration Farm, WI
  • Peasants Parcel, WV

Who’s Your Farmer? T-Shirts

Let’s raise a giant tomato for all the hardworking farmers producing good clean food for their local communities!
While you’re at it, show your pride and get yourself a “Who’s Your Farmer?” t-shirt. Perfect for CNG farmers and their customers alike!
Shirt sales support the development of educational and networking resources for ecological farmers.
Choose from nine colors in premium or organic cotton.

New Film Series This Fall

Team CNG has produced a new set of educational films aimed at equipping farmers who want to expand their product offerings. Branching Out, a film and discussion series featuring several CNG farmers from around the country, will launch in September. 
Each film explores a different farm product to consider adding to your operation: 
– Strawberries
– Broiler Chickens
– Season-long Leafy Greens
– Microgreens 
Films will be paired with a roundtable discussion featuring the filmed farmer along with one or two others in the CNG community who have experience producing the same type of farm product. These are online events, to be held on Monday evenings. 
Learn from your peers and get your questions answered!

This event has passed, but let us know through the form below if you’d like to be notified of future events:

Thank You Business Allies 

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