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9 Farmer-Tested Ways to Keep Cool

By Suzannah Schneider, Communications Manager and Certification Coordinator

Texas Eco Farms keeps cool with the help of a CNG hat
Farming is never an easy job, but when both the temperature and humidity approach 100, growing food can feel even more challenging.
Because there’s a lot of wisdom out in those hot CNG fields, we polled our community to learn some of their best tips for staying cool, staying sane, and getting it all done.
If you’re feeling a little sweaty and overwhelmed, fear not! Plenty of local CNG farmers are here to commiserate, and offer lots of ideas to get through August and beyond.
“20-minute timed naps, flat on your back, in air conditioning. Does the trick every time.”

– Zach Richards of Levity Farms in Alpharetta, GA
“Get enough rest, drink lots of water, and take time to enjoy the beauty of summer 💚”

– Shazana Goff of Vegetable Power Farm in Germansville, PA
“Use an outdoor tub or pool to cool off in.”

– Carrie Chlebanowski of The Looney Farm in Alex, OK
“Try wet neckties chilled in cold water and a hat.”

– Ann M Nyhuis of A Gardens Glory in Stuart, FL
“Ashwaganda. An adaptogen herb. Sane, healthy, and calm 😉”

– Kelly Kingsland of Affinity Farm in Moscow, ID
“Take 10 minutes to meditate, drink water, and stretch in the morning.”

-Andrea McAdow of Rosebird Gardens in Kingman, AZ
“Try a nap in a hammock, and drink lots of water!”

– Anna Wilson and Bryan Falk of Brown Bottle Farm in Mulino, OR

“Take frequent breaks from the heat. Just 20 minutes in the shade helps both body AND mind.”

– Karin Velez of Wolf Creek Family Farm in Peculiar, MO
“Walk your farming area, or a different part of it, every morning with coffee.”

– Dennis Mark of Dennisbackyardgardens in Tampa, FL

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