Certified Naturally Grown in the News

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Alterantive Produce Labels: Faux Organic or Just as Good?
Civil Eats, February 2015 

Certified Naturally Grown, Grassroots Alternative to USDA Organic
Acres USA, January 2015 

Seasons Greening: How Christmas Tree Farmers are Cutting Down on Pesticides
Civil Eats, December 11, 2014 

CNG is heralded on national television as one of the few meaningful labels you can rely on (video)
The Dr. Oz Show, December 9, 2014 (video)

FSMA Rules Hazy on Farm, Facility Distinction
Lancaster Farming, December 6, 2014 

Organic Alternative? Small Farming Without Bureaucracy
IndyStar, August 22, 2014 

For Many Small Farmers, Being Certified "Organic" Isn't Worth the Trouble
The Atlantic Citylab August 13, 2014

For some small farmers in New Hampshire, Certified Naturally Grown makes more sense
Concord Monitor, August 4, 2014 

Organic farmers turn from federal program
Central Penn Business Journal, May 2, 2014

Certified Naturally Grown: An Organic Alternative
North Country Public Radio, November 15, 2013 

Organic Alternative: Certified Naturally Grown
Eat Drink Explore radio interview, August 29, 2013 

Alternative to Organic, Certified Naturally Grown adopted by more than 700 farms in 47 states
Associated Press (AP) August 17, 2013 (This story ran in dozens of papers nationwide.)

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees: Small Farmers Turn to Organic Alternatives
WTOP, August 16, 2013 

What's in a name? Making sense of labels
Edible Buffalo, Issue 23/Summer 2013 (cover)

Holistic Beekeeping
Hobby Farms Magazing, July/August 2013

The Truth about Certified Naturally Grown
Grit Magazine, May/June 2013

More Choice, and More Confusion, in Quest for Healthy Eating
New York Times, 9/9/12

There's a New Certification in Town
The Dirt, Quarterly Newsletter of Georgia Organics, Summer 2012 

'Natural' food finds place in market
Country World, 6/11/12 

What Defines Organic?
North Jersey Media, 6/26/11 

Some Southwest Michigan farmers choosing to forgo organic label, but not the process
Kalamazoo Gazette, 4/25/11

Some local farmers opt for organic products, minus the label and fee
Olean Times Herald, 10/27/08

Interview with Congressman Maurice Hinchey, who cites the growing market for Certified Naturally Grown products in a list of positive trends
The Valley Table, Oct - Nov 2008

The meaning behind "organic" and "naturally grown" labels
Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/23/08

The dirt on peaches
Reuters, 9/17/07

Small farms challenged by federal organic rules
USA Today, 4/25/07

Going organic can be a challenge
Delaware News Journal, 4/16/07

Dear New Farm, Reader Mail
NewFarm.org, 4/07

Homegrown standards, an attractive alternative to national organic certification
Orion magazine, Jan - Feb 2007

Certified Naturally Grown, the national grassroots alternative to USDA organic certification
Organic Producer, 12/26/06

Organic farmer sows wisdom
Times Herald-Record, 7/31/06

The following stories are not available online, but you may find them in your stack of old magazines.

Fruit Grower News, Oct. 2009 & Vegetable Grower News, Nov. 2009, "Alternative to organic label' gets more use"

The Heirloom Gardener, Winter 2007/2008, "Certified Naturally Grown"
Acres USA 2006, "A Profile of the Certified Naturally Grown Program"
Delaware News Journal, 5/21/07, "Delmar family feels 'natural' is the only way to grow"