The Global PGS Newsletter

The Global PGS Newsletter is an electronic-only monthly newsletter with news and updates about developments of Participatory Guarantee Systems around the world. Contributions come from the PGS community all over the globe, including  the IFOAM PGS committee members, PGS practitioners, government representatives, farmers, and consumers.

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Alice Varon has a piece in the March/April 2014 issue entitled "When organic laws do not include PGS - A cautionary tale". It addresses the Only Organic campaign and how it exemplifies how certain policy decisions can hurt the growth of the organic movement. 

The July/August 2013 issue  announces a video with highlights from the Forum in Bangkok, produced by IFOAM, featuring Andre Leu, IFOAM World Board president (who gave an excellent, spirited presentation on PGS), and the PGS Committe members, including Alice Varon, CNG's Executive Director. The issue also announces two PGS that have newly received official IFOAM recognition, Nature et Progres in France, considered the first PGS ever documented, and Bio Caledonia, a newer initiative operating in the small territory of New Caledonia.

In spring of 2013, the six IFOAM PGS committee members met in Bangkok, Thailand within the framework of an "International Forum on Innovating Alternative Markets". Photos and stories in the May/June 2013 issue. This issue also includes a report on Fiji, where an entire island has committed to go organic using the PGS model!