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With the Ambassador program, there is an application and a bit of training involved. We just want to be sure that the people we promote to be our Ambassadors are well-informed and can accurately and effectively represent Certified Naturally Grown. (As always, we still encourage everyone to share with their networks about CNG, whether or not they’re an Ambassador.)

Become a CNG Ambassador


The Ambassadors’ role will be to raise awareness about CNG among various audiences, including farmers,  beekeepers, market managers, and good food eaters (for example, chapters of Weston A. Price Foundation, Slow Food, coop managers, etc).  The Ambassadors are the pool of spokespeople we can draw on when seeking representatives at conferences or other events that CNG staff can’t easily attend. 

Unlike diplomatic ambassadors, there will not necessarily be a territory or “turf” associated with ambassadorship. It’s possible we may have more than one Ambassador in a given area, and it’s possible that some Ambassadors will represent CNG outside the geographic area in which they live.

It’s also possible that we will have some Ambassadors that are experts in a particular subject, or mode of farming. So, for example, we might have an Ambassador who has expertise in aquaponics, or pastured poultry, or mushroom production.

Priority for assignments will be given based on a person’s history of engagement and fit for the situation.


All applicants must receive at least one training, complete a basic understanding assessment quiz with satisfactory results, and participate in at least one conference call before taking on their role. In addition, Ambassadors will be provided with multiple opportunities to have inner-circle updates via conference calls with CNG’s leadership to enhance their ability to provide informed and up-to-date representation of CNG’s activities and programs. 


Being an Ambassador provides these opportunities:

  • Ability to contribute to our movement in a more significant way 
  • Opportunities to have inner-circle updates via conference calls with CNG’s leadership 
  • Opportunity to get registration to conferences paid for by CNG
  • Free stuff that helps you show your pride with CNG 
  • Opportunities to have conversations with people interested in what we stand for


Prospective Ambassadors must complete an application

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