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Boot Camp South is a Wrap!

Our inaugural course of CNG Boot Camp South concluded in October. This series of five weekly sessions is built on the format of our Film SEEDs winter course, but with new elements, and tailored to farmers from the Southeastern United States.
Sessions were hosted by Chad Gard of Hole in the Woods Farm – CNG since 2010 – and enhanced with the experience of farmer-teachers Brad Stufflebeam of Home Sweet Farm in Brenham, TX and Nobie Muhl of Good Samaritan Urban Farm in Atlanta, GA. More than 20 farmers participated from the Southeast, and many gained a great appreciation for the knowledge and generosity of the other members in our community – teachers and participants alike.
With CNG Boot Camp, participants could volunteer to be in the “Hot Seat” for a session, where they would describe a farming challenge and/or pose questions to the farmer teachers. In one session Cash of Alpha Omega Veteran Services Urban Farm in Memphis, TN was our Hot Seat Hero. She asked for advice on how to get better results trying to grow carrots in her particular soil and farming conditions. Nobie and Brad are listening intently here in the picture, but they gave some great advice!

The course covered the following topics

  • Soil Management 
  • Weed Management & Bed Preparation 
  • Pest and Disease Management 
  • Seed Selection & Transplants 
  • Peer Review Inspections 
    We intend to continue to develop this dynamic online peer-to-peer learning approach with new cohorts and topics.
    Does this sound like something you’d like to do? Register your interest here.

We are very grateful for the generous support of our film sponsors. 
Small Farm Works sponsored Three Ways to Transplant.
Ohio Earth Food and Earth Tools sponsored Bed Preparation.
Want an invitation to sponsor future films? Be sure to register as a Business Ally
Boot Camp South was made possible with funding from the Farmers Market Promotion Program, USDA-AMS. 

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