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How do I know if the compost I buy is ok to use in CNG?

If you are purchasing your compost, you'll want to verify with your supplier that the compost is: --properly composted (i.e. they are monitoring the C:N ratio, temperatures, and turning schedule) --not made from biosolids --free from prohibited additions of synthetic…

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I use manure on my farm. What are the application guidelines?

Like our compost standards, CNG's manure requirements are based on National Organic Program, EPA, and FDA guidelines for food safety. For applications of manure, we require the following intervals between manure application and crop harvest: --120 day interval for crops in which…

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I make my compost on-farm. Is this a problem?

CNG's compost standards are based on National Organic Program, EPA, and FDA guidelines for food safety. If a farmer wants to apply farm-produced compost that includes manure, they'll need to monitor the initial C:N ratio, take temperature readings, and turn the pile…

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I just started farming! Can I get certified right away?

CNG requires that growers have one year of experience producing and selling their products before applying for certification. We look for practices to be tried and tested to ensure that growing methods are successful and sustainable. Let us know that you're interested in certification; we'd…

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Labeling Processed Foods and Other Products:

CNG certifies raw agricultural products, and minimally processed products like honey and maple. We’ve set the following policies to address questions about labeling from members who create value-added products from their CNG crops.  The CNG label may only be used…

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