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The Green Seed Nursery

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We grow ornamental ground covers, perennials, shrubs and natives without any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. With a focus on pollinator support, water - wise plantings, and native eco-scapes.

Our business has never used chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and has always valued local and sustainable products. However, we couldn’t find plants grown the same way for our design clients. We opened our Certified Naturally Grown nursery in 2019 to start producing sustainable plants for our landscape design projects. We have stayed true to our roots and use naturally derived fertilizers and potting mix ingredients sourced locally. We use only natural soaps and oils or living organisms such as insects and microbes for pest control in our nursery. This extension of our business allows us to provide plants for our design jobs in the most sustainable way possible. We grow a variety of ground covers, vines, perennials and shrubs, many of which are native plants. Our plants are never treated with any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Our earth-friendly plants are now available to the public and to retail garden centers and landscape professionals

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2742 SE Territorial Rd
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    • The Green Seed Nursery
    • The Green Seed Nursery
    • The Green Seed Nursery
    • The Green Seed Nursery
    • The Green Seed Nursery

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