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Film SEEDs Success

This winter we launched Film SEEDs, A Farmer Learning Collaborative. Now that this series of six weekly sessions is complete, we wanted to share some participant feedback, and announce we intend to continue and evolve this dynamic online peer-to-peer learning approach.
For fun you can watch the trailer we made for our inaugural series. 
Film SEEDs was an ambitious project involving several elements:

  • the creation of nine short educational films,
  • five lessons on core topics in CNG production practices, and
  • a dozen experienced CNG farmers who were featured in the “expert exchange” discussions and/or in the films
  • CNG farmers throughout our North American network, plus those who joined via partner organizations. 
    Participants really appreciated this new initiative. Here’s some feedback we received:
  • It was very helpful to interact with knowledgeable farmers from across the country and hear how their farms are going and how they respond to challenges. 
  • The group breakout rooms really felt like a collaborative effort, like a group of people that know what they’re doing came together to share information and talk shop.
  • I love thinking and talking about soil. Very rich discussion. 
  • The farmer-to-farmer discussion has been very helpful, and the dynamic between farmers was great. I learned a lot of about cover cropping (and especially undersowing) and the importance of an agronomist!
  • The videos were the perfect length and were very organized and informative. I really appreciate the list I was able to make of non-chemical pest management techniques based on the videos and discussion.
    Does this sound like something you’d like to do? You’ll be notified of upcoming offerings if you subscribe to our updates here.
    We are very grateful for the generous support of our film sponsors. 
    Small Farm Works sponsored Three Ways to Transplant.
    Ohio Earth Food and Earth Tools sponsored Bed Preparation.
    Want an invitation to sponsor future films? Be sure to register as a Business Ally
    Film SEEDs was made possible with funding from the Farmers Market Promotion Program, USDA-AMS. 

Video still from “Three Ways to Transplant”
Featuring Shazana Goff, filmed by Steven Merkel, both of Vegetable Power Farm in Germansville, PA

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