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Why do flower farmers seek CNG certification?

 1. Highlight your commitment to people, pollinators, and planet through your growing practices

 2. Gain access to more selective markets

 3. Join a community of like-minded growers

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Jennie Love Certified Naturally Grown Flowers

“When I learned about Certified Naturally Grown, I knew I’d found my community and that getting this certification would mean a lot to me. I wanted to verify that all the practices I’d adopted at our farm were truly in line with Nature. Going entirely no-till in the fields and hoop houses this year was a huge step forward and has been the catalyst for cracking wide-open so many assumptions I had about farming. Through the detailed certification process for Certified Naturally Grown, I learned even more. I now firmly believe small, sustainable, and thoughtful farming can save our planet.”
– Jennie Love of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers, PA

“CNG provides an incredibly valuable service for both the community and the farmer. Its sole existence is to do something good for people and planet.”
– Steve and Mandy O’Shea of 3 Porch Farm, GA

“We chose to join CNG for the incredible sense of community and direct relationships, as well our commitment to growing natural wholesome food and flowers.”
 – Eva Moss, Heartstrong Farm, NC

“Certified Naturally Grown stood out as a viable option to showcase the way that I grow and my commitment to the environment, without having to go through the red tape of becoming certified organic. Hearing from clients that the flowers are nicer than anything they get from the wholesalers, I know that my flowers have been grown with people and the environment in mind.”
– Nadine Charlton of Blumen Fields Flower Farm, BC

“Flowers after harvest are brighter and more gorgeous in color and last twice as long as compared to those that are sprayed. The end results are worth it.”
– Sidney Egly of of Gypsy Flower Farm, MD

First, review our Considerations for Flower Growers

Then, submit an application for Produce Certification (which includes flowers), and review our program requirements.

Sign up below if you’d like us to stay in touch with you, and for instant access to our free checklist to determine if CNG is the best fit for your flower farm.

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