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Gifts for Friends of CNG

The generosity of our grassroots community has always helped to determine the investments we can make in our offerings. This winter we will expand educational programming and networking opportunities for members. Please chip in to support this work, and let us thank you with a gift!
Gift A. This calendar features artful illustrations of each month’s seasonal produce. 

Gift B. Holiday Greeting Cards are perfect for sending new year’s wishes to loved ones. They are blank inside, and come in a pack of 5. 

We have big plans to cover up to seven topics of great interest to the CNG membership (we asked, of course). Your support will help to increase the number of topics we can cover this winter and beyond. Please chip in and let us thank you with a gift.

Become a Friend of CNG before December 31st at one of these levels

  • $50, $75 or more
    • —> Your gift is a choice of the calendar or the Holiday Greeting Cards
  • Recurring gift of $15/month or more
    • —> Your gift is a choice of the calendar or the Holiday Greeting Card
  • $100 or more 
  • —> Your gift is a choice of either
    • two calendars,
    • two sets of greeting cards, or
    • the calendar + the greeting cards. 

Just send us a note with your gift preference, or we can follow-up with you.
2 Ways to Chip In

These gifts were hand designed by the talented Aly Miller, whose work you have surely seen over the years on CNG’s artful signs, bumper stickers, and T-shirts. She was on CNG staff for seven years! Today she is an independent illustrator. We’re delighted to continue sharing her work with you in this way. 
Our programs truly are powered by our grassroots community. Thank you very much!

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