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Click the links below to find the inspection guidelines for your certification type/s.

For Produce, Flower, and Livestock Operations 

For Apiaries

For Aquaponics Operations

For Mushroom Operations 

You can find all the Inspection Worksheets on our Certification Forms page

To find an inspector, use the Find Inspector Mapping Tool It will generate a customized list of CNG farmers near you who are eligible to inspect your farm and due to fulfill this annual work requirement.  

Looking to conduct an inspection (and fulfill your work requirement)? Use the Give Inspection Mapping Tool. It will generate a customized list of CNG farmers near you, of the same certification type, who are due to receive an inspection, and don’t violate the rules against trading or repeating inspections. 

Important note on Remote Inspections

Only Senior Inspectors may conduct remote inspections. Only certain members may receive a remote inspection. For details, review our Remote Inspections Policy. If you think you qualify to receive a remote inspection, please send a note to Erin at Please also note: All remote inspections are coordinated by CNG staff, who will invite newer members to observe, both to add a layer of transparency and to take advantage of this opportunity for them to learn the ropes.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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