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Inspections are typically done by other CNG producers, but they may also be conducted by certified organic farmers, or non-certified producers using natural methods. Inspectors should be familiar with your type of operation. For example, a beekeeper shouldn’t inspect a livestock producer unless the beekeeper also raises livestock. 

Find an Inspector

Our Find Inspector searchable map identifies the best CNG candidates to conduct your farm’s inspection, as it lists those who have not yet fulfilled this “work requirement’. These results will also exclude any farmers who shouldn’t be tapped because doing so would violate the rules against trading inspections and repeatedly using the same inspector.

To use the Find Inspector searchable map, just log into your certification account and click the button below. 

Check out our tips on How to Request an Inspection.  

Conduct an Inspection

If your own farm’s inspection has been completed, and you are ready to conduct an inspection, per CNG’s work requirement, you can easily identify a member near you who is due to receive an inspection (their deadline is approaching or has passed). Just click the button below to get to the Give Inspection mapPlease note that remote inspections may only be conducted by trained Senior Inspectors, so you should not offer nor agree to conduct an inspection remotely unless you have earned this designation.

Check out our Top Tips for a Terrific Inspection

Alternative Inspectors

If you’re the first one to join CNG in your area – congratulations! Find details on alternative inspectors in the Inspection Guidelines

Need additional assistance?

Just call Cathy, our Membership Services Coordinator, at 845 262 2551

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