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Livestock Certification

The Certified Naturally Grown Livestock Standards are based on the National Organic Program standards with a few significant modifications, as noted below.

We clarified and strengthened the standards for living conditions and access to pasture. The organic rules were worded in such a way that agribusiness growers got away with their animals never actually going outside. If your animals are primarily pasture raised, then we’d love to hear from you.

Another difference is in feed requirements. The feed must be grown according to CNG standards – without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or GMO seeds – but it does not have to be certified. When you can find a local source that’s growing according to these standards and will affirm their practices in a signed declaration, we think you should have the option to use that local source.


1 Determine if CNG is a good fit

3 Once your Application is approved


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