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New Signs for CNG Garlic Growers

Sending big thanks to the Certified Naturally Grown garlic farmers who shared their input to help create these two new signs! 

These signs celebrate the beauty and joy of sustainably grown garlic. One sign shows a bountiful harvest of garlic and the other features lively garlic scapes. These laminated signs are only $5 each, and measure 8.5″x11″. 
Both are available to our members in the CNG store. Easily find the sign there by clicking the images above. Note these items are only available to Certified Naturally Grown producers, not the general public. Therefore, it’s necessary to be logged into your certification account to view any marketing items like these in the store. 
If your garlic farm isn’t yet Certified Naturally Grown, we encourage you to consider joining CNG today. Together we’re stronger!

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