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Peer Review Class for Produce & Flower Growers

This free two-hour class is for Certified Naturally Grown produce and flower growers, and allied Extension Agents. Our aim is to provide an engaging and educational course which helps develop a robust understanding of CNG standards and critical skills for performing excellent peer-review inspections. It includes:

  • a series of short instructional videos to watch ahead of time, 
  • some brief homework assignments to help strengthen your CNG Standards proficiency
  • a chance to meet other CNG producers from across the country, and
  • small group role plays.

Register today to learn the core elements of delivering a high-quality peer-review inspection, and have the opportunity to practice in small group setting with the support of experienced members and CNG staff. 

Completing this class is one of the key requirements to become a Senior Inspector (SI). SIs receive some really great perks like special recognition on the website as well as reduced (or free) certification dues. 

Pre-Class Homework

We’ve created a two-part homework assignment to prepare for the class. This allows you to arrive prepared with some basic information so we can make the most of our two-hour class session, and focus on skills building.

Each part will take only about half an hour to complete.

Completing the homework is a pre-class requirement

Part I: Mastering Key Standards 

Part II: Watch the Pre-Course presentation and take a very short quiz at the end.

The presentation is focused on Remote Observed Inspections (ROI), to support members who wish to become Senior Inspectors (and be authorized to conduct remote inspections). It also covers the core skills needed to complete any peer-review inspection, whether remote or on site. 

Homework due: 24 hours before class 

If you have questions, or are interested in attending, please contact Erin Worrall at

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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