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LGD Farms

Spanish Springs, Nevada

LGD Farms is growing Goji. It started with seeds and a dream and now we are harvesting! LGD farms wants to share Goji with everyone. Fresh Goji hit the market in America. No more dried! but fresh vine picked Goji from the USA! We also have Fresh Goji Leaves, Goji Tea, Goji Powder, and Goji is grown in America! Goji in the USA! Goji at LGD Farms in Nevada, USA.
LGD Farms brought fresh Goji, Fresh Goji Leaves, and Pure Goji Tea to market! Goji Honey will be in the future.
Goji plants and expert advise from the Goji Guy will help others grow their own Goji.
LGD Farms is committed to growing the best Goji, and other crops on the farm, with no chemicals. Only Naturally Grown techniques. We eat our own food- with our children- and would never bring chemicals or other harmful agents into our bodies. We are what we eat! LGD Farms- Goji grown, not made!

We are committed to be Naturally Grown in all things. Our bodies deserve to be healthy. Being part of a growing community of Naturally Grown and Local Grown is important to our Nation. LGD Farms growing Certified Naturally Grown Goji! Fresh Goji to the market!

(This listing was last updated on April 21, 2015)


200 Descanso Lane
Spanish Springs, NV 89441
Washoe County
United States


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