Apiary Standards

Certified Naturally Grown’s apiculture standards are developed with the primary focus on the health of honey bees and the sustainability of beekeeping. We seek to define best practices for the beekeeping industry with these priorities as guides, and with the secondary focus on the agricultural products of apiculture (honey, pollen, and propolis).

Below are the basic CNG Certification Standards for apiary management and honey. CNG standards for beeswax, queens, nucleus colonies, and package bees will be published separately.

Apiary Certification Standards (PDF)    Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) about Apiary Standards

Allowed and Prohibited Substances (PDF)

Apiary Transition Table (PDF)

Apiary Certification Process (PDF)  

Your inspections should be carried out by natural beekeepers in your area, not by the State inspector!

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To support natural beekeepers everywhere, we published:

Handbook for Natural Beekeepers based on our Apiary Standards, and
Help the Honey Speak A Marketing Guide for Beekeepers with Naturally Managed Apiaries

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