Make the most of CNG

A Checklist
Make sure you're getting the most out of your certification!
*You can also download this checklist as a PDF.

Complete your profile and be featured on Certified Naturally Grown’s homepage.
Take advantage of this free publicity! To be eligible you'll need to add pictures and text to your farm’s online profile. Just login to get started. For detailed instructions on setting it up click here.

Let your customers know that you are CNG.
Mention your new certification in your newsletter, tell your customers when you see, use signs or hand outs, spread the word on social media (Be sure to find us on Twitter and Facebook!). We've assembled some helpful tips for to help you talk about CNG.

Use Certified Naturally Grown marketing materials: produce stickers, signs, or informational cards
To purchase marketing materials, visit the online store or click here to download a paper order form. 

Post the CNG logo on your website or blog.
Click here to download a color image of the logo.

Make sure your farm is listed in your region’s local food guide and indicate that it's CNG.
Ask the publisher to include information about CNG and an image of our logo in the guide. You can refer them to our Food Guide page for examples of guides that already do so.

Get featured in your local or regional newspaper
Local papers are always looking for content and readers love to hear about farms! Take a look at some examples and our template to get started, then tailor it to your farm and your community.
Send them the article you’d like to see printed about your farm.

Talk to local retailers about Certified Naturally Grown.
Request that they market your produce as Certified Naturally Grown. Check out these tips for talking about CNG as well as our list of retailers for a list of retailers that highlight the CNG status of their vendor farms.

Suggest that your farmers market require a type of certification.
Several markets have taken this step to better serve their customers seeking food that is both local and grown sustainably. For a list of farmers markets that require some type of certification, click here.

Use the map on our website to connect with other CNG farmers or beekeepers in your area.
Relationships with other CNG members are useful in arranging inspections, and can be a great source of knowledge and support. Find other members on the CNG map. Get tips on developing your local farmers network on our community site.


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