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Spring News from Your Grassroots Certification 🌱

Congratulations to These 72 Newly-Certified Farmers and Beekeepers
We are delighted to announce the most recent crop of Certified Naturally Grown producers who have met all the requirements for certification since October! They are listed below alphabetically by state and province. 

Little Halawakee Farm, AL
Red Barn Farm, AR
Smith Ranch, AR
Growing Vertical, AZ
Kern Valley Farms,​ ​CA
Lockewood Acres, CA
van der Kamp Vineyard, CA
Black Sun Farm, CT
Liepold Pond Farm, CT
Tree House Orchard and Farm, CT
Vibrant Farm, CT
Aliff Acres, FL
Blue Head Ranch, FL
Happy Tiger Honey, FL
New Green Organiks, FL
Flora Gothica Farms, GA
Great Greens Microgreens, GA
Little Foot Farm, GA
Nona Farm, GA
Qi Greens, GA
Quercus Farm, GA
Smokey Road Farm, GA
The Pastures of Rose Creek LLC, GA
Love of Life Farm, HI
Four Winds Farm, IA
Star Farm Chicago, IL
Arkenberg Farms, KS
Kelly Homestead Apiary, MA
Honey Moon Farm, MD
Sharp’s at Waterford Farm, MD
BeGreen Microgreens, MI
Lake Michigan Lavender, MI
Stillwind Farm LLC, MI
UP Gourmet, MI
Wandering Winds Farm, MI
Hope Blooms Farm, NC
Ivy and Oak Farm, NC
Kendall’s Garden, NC
Ocean Natural Farm, NC
Redwood Farm, NC
Sweet Betsy Farm, NC
Terra Vita Farm, NC
Tiny Bridge Farm, NC
Winding Stair, NC
Khalsa Family Farms, NM
Button Brook Farm, NS
Gatehouse Greens, NY
Gilded Farms, NY
Shoving Leopard Farm, NY
Nook & Cranny Farm, NY
White Feather Farm, NY
Ellsworth Acres, OH
Prairie Flower Farms, OK
Rare Breed Farms, OK
Zoom Out Mycology, OR
Little Croft Farm, PA
Fungified Farm, LLC, PA
Golden Farms, PA
Humming Hills Farm, LLC, PA
Warwick Furnace Farm, PA
Metanoia Bee Farms, PR
Bird Fork Farm, TN
Freesol Farm, TX
Whole Plate Farm, TX
Jolly Pond Farm, VA
Red Fern Farm, VA
Roots ‘n Shoots, VA
Vanguard Ranch Natural Gourmet, VA
Happy Ranch Farm LLC, WV

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Are there any new CNG members near you? Find out with our searchable map of CNG farms

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