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Spring News from Your Grassroots Certification: 46 New CNG Farms & More!

By Suzannah Schneider, Communications Manager and Certification Coordinator

Spring is springing at Certified Naturally Grown! We’re celebrating 46 newly certified farmers and beekeepers joining the CNG community this growing season! Check the list below to see if a farmer you know is among them. Plus, we have brand new training videos, new Business Allies, and a blog bursting with fresh information.

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Congratulations to These 46 Newly Certified Farmers and Beekeepers

We are delighted to recognize the producers who have completed all the requirements for CNG certification since the end of January. They are listed below alphabetically by state and province. 
To find a list of all the Certified Naturally Grown producers in your area, visit our searchable map here.
Know someone who should be listed? Send them this link ASAP! They’ll receive perks if they apply before May 15.

Brood Farm, AR
Happy Horseshoe Farm, AR
Hazel Valley Farms, LLC, AR
KW heritage Farm, AR
Panagia, AR
Rainbow Sprinkles Farm, AR
One Hawk Homestead, DE
Appalachia Mushrooms, GA
Buffalo Creek Berry Farm, GA
Dunk Hill Farm, GA
Fresh Harvest Garden, GA
Ladybird Farm, LLC, GA
Soque Gardens, GA
Soul Miner’s Eden, GA
Jacobson Family Farms, GA
Royal Soil Farm, IL
Pure Micro-Greens LLC, MD
Blue Stone Farm, MI
Flowerfield Farmstead, MI
Diamond H Elderberry Farm LLC, MO
Wolf Creek Family Farm, LLC, MO
Baileytown Farm, MS
Chucklehead Farm, MS
Samsara Garden, MS
5 Woods Life LLC, NC
Banner Greenhouses, NC
Good Ashe Lavender Farm, NC
O-BEE-X Honeybees, NC
Joe’s Farm, NY
Rainwater Farms, NY
Corner Hill Farm LLC, OH
Seminary Hill Farm, OH
Stillwater Valley Orchard, OH
Bear Branch Farms, OR
Integral Farm, OR
Senkos Farm, OR
Oma Herbal Teas, PA
A Bushel and a Peck, TN
Bluff City Fungi, TN
Lick Skillet Garden, TN
Rio Casado Farm, TX
Fields Edge Farm, VA
Glade Road Growing, VA
Lavender and Lace at The Bothy Farm, VA
Terra Stone Greens, LLC, VA

Escarpment Gardens, ON


Our New Training Videos for Produce Operations

In early 2019, we announced a brand new video resource called CNG 101. CNG 101 is a series of lessons that cover the basics of meeting Certified Naturally Grown production standards for produce operations. Our educational videos are available online, on demand, and free of charge.
All eight training videos are now live! 
Click here to access CNG 101 training videos
Our videos are a robust resource geared towards beginning farmers and folks who are interested in joining our community. But, these videos are excellent refresher for farmers of all levels…We could all use a little CNG 101!
These 15 to 40 minute trainings cover the following topics:
– Soil Management
– Weed Management
– Vegetable Pest Management
– Vegetable Disease Management
– Seeds, Planting Stock, and Variety Selection
– Environmental Protections and Preventing Contaminants
– Crop Rotation
– Cover Crops
Know a farmer who would benefit from these training videos? Send them this link!

A Warm Welcome to New Business Allies!

The Business Allies listed below are leaders in the sustainable agriculture community, and pioneers of our new and growing program. We’re grateful for their support, which helps keep Certified Naturally Grown affordable for CNG farmers and beekeepers.
We’re proud to announce that eight like-minded businesses have signed on as Business Allies since the end of January. You can learn more about their work by clicking on the links below:
Cornerstone Farm
Georgia Sea Grill
Loco Canopies
Moscow Food Co-op
Nifty Hoops
Osborne Quality Seeds
Purple Mountain Organics
TNT Farming Solutions
If you or someone you know represents a company that serves the sustainable agriculture community, we hope you’ll consider joining these excellent Allies. Click the button below to learn how. 

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