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Pond Hill Farm LLC is a 2 acre mixed vegetable and specialty cut flower farm.

The farm was a realization that developed slowly over time. A homestead turned market garden that has grown from 1/10 acre to now nearly 2 acres. Each year, the farm grows a bit more which is the only way that has felt right to me.

I believe in the power of good food. Good food comes from good soil, so we make healthy soils our top priority. No synthetic fertilizer/chemicals use, cover crops, limited tillage, and other strategies are used to encourage a healthy soil microbiome while avoiding contamination and erosion. I am blessed to be able to work so closely with Mother Nature, and intend to improve the environment through soil health and promoting wildlife of all kinds.

We have ben certified naturally grown since 2023.

1.5 acre biodiverse market garden provide veggies and fresh cut dahlias to the greater Pittsburgh community.

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