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CNG Growers Show Their Pride at Regional Farm Conferences

Farm conference season is in full swing, and CNG growers are showing up around the country to spread the word about our certification. With nearly 600 certified farms throughout North America, and more being added each month, their efforts are making waves!

Conference outreach is an important way to meet growers in a vibrant regional context. Consider repping CNG at your local farm conference! We’ve got lots of great resources to equip you, and plenty of materials to go around.

Interested? Contact and we’ll make a plan!

Thanks to all our 2023/24 Conference Volunteers!

Fat Rabbit Farms and The Firelight Farm are representing CNG at Arkansas Grown 2024 conference! Several farmers are putting Arkansas on the map and committing to growing produce using no synthetic chemicals or GMOs and building vibrant ecosystems

My Mustard Seed presents to a captive audience at Future Harvest in College Park, MD about the health benefits of microgreens, sharing her operation and beginner steps to growing your own!

Big thanks to Shirefolk Farm (pictured) and Crickhollow Farm for a fantastic panel discussion on Raising Broiler Chickens at VABF-SFOP Summit in Roanoke, VA!

The Cedar Chest Farm representing CNG at the VABF-SFOP Summit in Roanoke, VA! There are so many excited farmers in Virginia, working towards an equitable food system– it’s great to be here!

Conference season is in full swing! We’re thankful to have Stephanie from Cobblestone Farm representing CNG out west at the  Western Colorado Soil Health Food and Farm Forum in Montrose, Co. Thank you, Stephanie!

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