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Apple Trails Family Orchard

Produce and Flowers

Becky  Housberg

Weldon, IA United States
County: Clarke

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In 2011 we began planting apple trees on our new farm. Ten plus years later, we have over 250 semi-dwarf apple trees and other fruit trees that we grow using CNG Methods. As we learned from the late Michael Phillips on how to grow fruit, over the years, we slowly began to discover what worked for us in our part of the country and with our family schedule. Growing apples without harmful chemicals or traditional pesticides is most definitely a challenge! But over time customers have come to appreciate a healthy and much more tasty alternative to what is grown for big box stores. Tree ripened fruit has a much better flavor and people are recognizing this reality. We slowly began to focus on Heirloom Apples and tomatoes and attempt to educate our customers on the “flavor experience” of these great items.

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September picking Red Delicious
Summer apples in the orchard
A day of picking
One of our helpers
Our new greenhouse blessing!
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