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Canebrake Apiary and Aquaponics


Rosalind  Severt

Camden, SC United States
County: Kershaw

A Certified Natually Grown apiary for several years, Canebrake provides the highest quality honey and hive products available! The apiary is amenable to visits and will gladly schedule a time when you can visit and learn about the operation. EAS and SCBA Master Beekeeper, Rosalind Severt creates candles, lotions, soaps, and balms from wax taken from comb as it’s rotated out of service. SCBA Master Beekeeper, Glenn Severt glady shows visitors how to gently introduce colonies to their new homes, as well as teaching how to catch and rehome swarms and an occasional cut-out.

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Inspections of Canebrake Apiary and Aquaponics

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Queen and retinue
Taking the EAS Master examination in KY
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