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Green Seed Gardens

Produce and Flowers

Austin  Booth

2742 SE Territorial Rd
Canby, OR United States
County: Clackamas

Our women owned, family operated business was established in 2014. At Green Seed Gardens we are centered on Habitat Focused Design + Planting projects and our Certified Naturally Grown Nursery. In addition to our efforts to bring nature right to your doorstep while reducing pollution, we are also driven by a core value of providing quality work in our designs and providing healthy plants that will thrive in your garden. We specialize in plants that will attract wildlife, pollinators and beneficial insects, many of these are water-wise, and we also grow a wide selection of Oregon natives.

Our nursery uses only natural methods to keep plants healthy. We utilize beneficial insects and other natural and chemical free methods of pest control. Our natural growing mixes and fertilizers are blended using 100% local PNW ingredients. See our website to purchase our Certified Naturally Grown plants or learn more about our design services today. Let us help you create a haven for wildlife in your own backyard.

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Nursery in Spring at sunset
Nursery in fall
Native seed starts
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