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Dispelling Myths about Transitional Status

By Suzannah Schneider, Communications Manager and Certification Coordinator

The Pastures of Rose Creek, Watkinsville, GA
Here at Certified Naturally Grown, we’re different than other certifying bodies in quite a few ways. Not only do we use a peer-review approach for our grassroots certification, but we also have a different perspective on Transitional Status for farms where synthetic inputs may have been used in the past. 

With Certified Naturally Grown, farmers don’t have to wait three full years after the last known use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or prohibited beekeeping treatments before applying to Certified Naturally Grown.
As soon as a farmer or beekeeper is able to commit to CNG standards, they can pursue certification.
Here are some common scenarios in which farmers seek Transitional Status:

  • You’ve just purchased land. You’re experienced and ready to adhere to CNG standards, but the prior farmer used conventional practices, or perhaps you’re not sure how the land was managed. 
  • You’ve used synthetics for one or two troublesome crops in years past, but now you feel ready to fully commit to following CNG standards.
  • You’ve used synthetic herbicides in seasons past to control weeds, but you’ve decided you want to ditch the chemicals and have a game plan for doing so.
    Such farmers do have a “Transitional” designation on their online applications, on their certificates, and they must indicate that they have “Transitional Status” on their Declaration. The specifics of why the land has transitional status is indicated on the farm’s online application, so the reasons for this status are fully transparent.

Farmers with Transitional Status have full benefits of membership, including an online profile, access to marketing materials, use of the CNG logo, and many other advantages.
By taking this approach, we aim to balance our emphasis on transparency while allowing our farmers to gain recognition for their current practices. We want to encourage farmers to verify to their community that they’re responsible stewards of their land, public health, and the environment at large by becoming Certified Naturally Grown.
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