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The Grassroots Fund was established to lower the cost of CNG certification for beginning farmers, those hit by unusual hardship, such as extreme weather or physical injuries, and others who have difficulty paying the minimum dues required for CNG certification.

Farmers who can’t cover the minimum dues of $150 may apply for a waiver and request support covering their dues from the Grassroots Fund. 

Where does the money come from? Primarily donations from other CNG farmers, and people like you. If you’re able, please chip in! Thanks very much for your support.

Replenish the Grassroots Fund

CNG farmers know how to be there for one another in times of need. You too can chip so that farmers facing unusual hardship can catch a break and not have to pay their certification dues until they’re back on their feet. Donations to CNG support the growth of community-based sustainable agriculture and are not tax deductible. 

Donate online:

Donate via check:

Certified Naturally Grown
PO Box 153
Temple, NH 05084

Apply for Assistance from the Grassroots Fund

Grassroots Fund Criteria

To be eligible for a waiver, farmers must:

Please think carefully about whether you might cover your dues using a payment plan before applying for a waiver. Grassroots Funds are limited.

Priority is given to farmers who: 

  • are in their first three years of operation, or
  • are facing unusual hardship like extreme weather, physical injury, recent job loss
  • lost major markets – like restaurant sales – due to the pandemic
  • have a track record of meeting CNG requirements in a timely manner (for returning members)
  • will benefit from certification
  • are recommended by other CNG farmers
  • are willing to promote CNG in their local community

How to apply for assistance

To apply for a waiver, follow these three steps.

  1. Submit a short statement that includes the following information:
    • the name of your farm,
    • how long you’ve been farming,
    • a brief description of your farm, history, and/or anything special about you and your farm,
    • why you’re requesting financial assistance from the Grassroots Fund,
    • why it’s important to you that your farm is a part of CNG,
    • the dollar amount you’re able to contribute
  2. Sign a Declaration.
  3. Send your Application Statement to Certified Naturally Grown via email: or mail: PO Box 153, Temple, NH 03084
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