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CNG has all kinds of great resources for growers looking to brush up on the standards. From classes to factsheets, you’re sure to find some helpful content to support your knowledge of CNG production. Don’t forget to check out the FAQ page for quick answers to a bevy of questions across all five certification types.


We developed these factsheets to support growers in specific areas of the CNG standards. They are designed to help farmers make practical, scale-appropriate, CNG-approved decisions on the farm. More are in development so keep checking back and let us know what other factsheets you’d like to see!


Practice Quizzes

Quizzes can be a fun, informative way to test your knowledge of CNG standards. In order to make the quizzes more realistic and useful, many questions test critical thinking and applying the standards to on-farm situations. Three levels each in Livestock and Produce. See how you do!

Produce Quizzes



Livestock Quizzes


Standards Study Guides

These study guides provide an at-a-glance explanation of the most commonly confused CNG standards. They are helpful in preparing for an inspection, to participate in our Peer Review Class, or just to refresh your memory.


CNG Farm School

Certified Naturally Grown farmers are curious, innovative, and generous with their knowledge. We’ve harnessed the brilliance of these all-star growers to bring you a variety of educational content for farmers all along the spectrum of experience.

With CNG Farm School, you’ll gain the skills you need to take your farm to the next level!

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow along on social media for updates on new courses and workshops. You can also visit the Farm School homepage and check out Events and Programs for our current offerings. See you in school!

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