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New Bandanas Help Us Stay Connected

For many of us, “Stay Connected” captures how we have coped and adapted – and if we’re lucky, thrived – amidst the challenges of this past year. It describes how CNG members find strength through collaboration, sharing resources and stories while navigating new ways of life. And staying connected is one of the benefits of our annual peer-inspections, which continued, even if in a modified form.
Inspired by these values, and how they show up on farms, our designer Aly Miller set to work illustrating the inter-dependent relationships of the three sisters – Corn, Squash and Beans – with the many twirling tendrils that connect them, the height of Corn granting light to Beans, and the lush carpet of Squash leaves serving the triad by preventing weed growth. Nature shows the way.
This winter, we’re offering these bandanas as gifts for those who donate to the Grassroots Fund by February 28. For those who give $50 or more, we’ll send three bandanas, and those who give $35-$49 will receive two – in your choice of color.
The Grassroots Fund was established to lower the cost of CNG certification for beginning farmers and those hit by unusual hardship such as extreme weather or physical injuries.
Please chip in to the Grassroots Fund and help us all stay connected this year.

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