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Data Driven Decision Making – Digital Class Recording


Note: this is a digital recording of a previously aired class.

Purchase includes a downloadable Homeroom Document. This interactive PDF serves as the central location for all course materials and links to the recorded Zoom session, presenter slides, and any additional resources provided with the class.

To use:

  1. Download the Homeroom Document from your confirmation email
  2. Visit page 2, and click “Watch the Recording”
  3. Make sure to visit the Post Class Resources for additional content that supplements the lesson
  4. Save your Homeroom Document to your computer for lifelong access


What if everything you needed to make the best decisions for your business was right in front of you?

Often the trickiest part of any record keeping system isn’t taking the records, but knowing what to do with them. In this unique course, we’ll help you take your records and turn them into action. See how experienced farmer and super-data commander Janet Aardema uses records to:

Trace a crop from seed to sale, cataloguing every useful piece of information that might impact future business decisions.

Run a multi-employee business without missing one ounce of data transfer in a work day.

Redirect sales strategies to maintain a more balanced life and business, based on what she's learned from good records.

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