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Our ​professionally produced short films feature experienced CNG farmers ​instructing ​on a variety of production topics​. Not only are the films beautifully made, they demonstrate practical methodology that viewers can implement on their own farms right away. 

List of Films (more to come!)

  • Seed Selection (2:18)
  • Weeding at Thread Stage (5:37)
  • Tarping (2:44)
  • Hand Tool Ergonomics (3:02)
  • All Three Weeding Films Compiled (11:27)
  • Pest Prevention with Row Cover & Insect Netting (5:02)
  • Drip Tape Selection (3:23)
  • Mulching (4:06)
  • Bed Preparation (5:15)
  • Three Ways to Transplant (7:39)
  • What to Expect When You’re Inspecting (10:00)
  • The Mighty Power of Microgreens (7:41)
  • Adding Cut Flowers to Your Produce Operation (9:49)
  • Raising Broiler Chickens (9:46)
  • Growing, Harvesting, and Storing Leafy Greens (7:22)
  • Adding Strawberries to Your Sustainable Farm (9:08)

*Each film has closed captioning available in English and Spanish. Please reach out if you require subtitles in other languages. We will do our best to support you! 

**Previews of all films are available on request. 

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