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This list is designed to provide helpful guidance to producers by indicating the most commonly used supplements and substrates, and how they fare within the CNG Standards for Mushroom Production.

This is not a comprehensive list! Nor is it the full CNG Mushroom Standards for substrate or supplements.

If you’re not sure whether a substrate or supplement you’re interested in using would be allowed under CNG standards, please contact the CNG office at 845 262 2551 or

Typically GMO

Corn gluten

Cottonseed meal
Soybean meal
Soybean hulls

Corn distiller’s grain
Maize powder

The items listed above are prohibited unless certified organic or sourced directly from a farmer who will sign a Substrate Declaration.

Probably Fine

Straw (wheat, oats, rye)
Peanut meal, peanut shells
Grains (rye, wheat, millet, barley)
Oat bran
Wheat bran

Grape pumice
Spent grains from beer fermentation (barley and wheat)
Sawdust from non-treated wood
Wood chips

Coffee grounds
Pelletized sawdust, hardwood fuel pellets
Agricultural waste from a certified organic or Certified Naturally Grown operation

All substrates used in CNG operations must be from non-GMO sources and grown free of heavy metals.

Might be fine, but be cautious!

Rice bran
Rice hulls

Vegetable oils

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