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The Story of CNG’s Logo

By Suzannah Schneider, Communications Manager and Certification Coordinator

In the early 2000s, Certified Naturally Grown was just a twinkle in the eye of some innovating Hudson Valley farmers. But as Ron and Kate Khosla created an alternative to the National Organic Program’s certification, they soon realized they’d need a recognizable logo for their brand new grassroots certification. 

Enter Cecilia Garvin, a member of the Khoslas’ CSA and the creator of CNG’s vibrant logo.

We caught up with Cecilia after all these years to learn about her inspiration for the imagery that’s helped our certification take flight since 2002. Read on to find out what her creation means to her today, and to check out her most recent work.
Certified Naturally Grown (CNG): How did you get involved with Certified Naturally Grown?
Cecilia Garvin (CG): My husband Alex and I were members of a wonderful CSA in New Paltz, NY called Huguenot Street Farm which was started by Kate and Ron Khosla. At some point Ron asked us if we would be willing to design a logo for an idea that he was working on. His idea was to create an alternative to USDA organic certification, and thus Certified Naturally Grown was created.
CNG: What inspired the Certified Naturally Grown logo?
CG: Spending time at Huguenot Street Farm was probably the biggest inspiration. The amazing varieties of vegetables and fruits inspired me to use bright colors.

The farmers’ enthusiasm, hard work, and respect for the land inspired me to meld the landscape with the sky to symbolize regeneration.
CNG: Are there any runner up designs you would like to share with us?
CG: Surprisingly, no!
CNG: What does the imagery of the logo mean to you today?
CG: It means pretty much the same as it did when I created it. It meant a lot to me to have a role in making this idea a reality.

Overall, I think the logo conveys optimism and balance.
CNG: What does Certified Naturally Grown as an organization mean to you today?
CG: CNG has become an important force in fostering sustainable farming and community. It is a great organization in which the spirit of these values is recognized and shared between farmers and the people who benefit from them.
CNG: What else have you been working on since CNG’s inception in 2002?
CG: Botanical art, textile design and painting from life.
Cecilia’s recent work is a testament to her lifelong love of the marvels of nature!

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