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When you choose Certified Naturally Grown, you join a thriving movement of farmers committed to robust local foodways and sustainable production methods.

Members say that CNG supports their development as experienced farmers, accountability with customers, and a sense of community with nearby producers.

Join a community of like-minded farmers.

Kevin Prather of SCG Market Garden inspects Urban Roots Farm in Springfield, MO

Discover the benefits of a peer-review model that allows for collaboration, resource sharing, local networking opportunities, and more!

Peer-review inspection, a cornerstone of our program, provides CNG farmers with an annual opportunity to visit one another’s operations to both give and receive inspections. Valuable friendships and mentoring connections are facilitated as producers, facing similar market demands, climate concerns, regional pest and weed struggles, and resource availability issues, get together to share feedback and provide accountability.

Many members describe their annual inspections as the highlight of their Certified Naturally Grown experience.

Show your commitment to ecological farming without harmful chemicals or GMOs.

Farmers deserve verification and celebration for their ecological production methods, regardless of scale or economic status. Anyone can give their word that they “grow naturally,” but the act of certification provides credibility to the values that you work so hard to uphold.

Our growing standards are based on the highest ideals of the organic movement, but we aim to lower the barriers-to-entry by asking for affordable annual dues and minimal paperwork requirements. By labeling your products as Certified Naturally Grown, you receive a seal of accountability that demonstrates a sustainable approach to growing crops and livestock, no matter what unforeseen struggles the wild world of farming may throw your way.

Receive helpful marketing tools to teach customers about the importance of local, sustainable food.

Our bright and distinctive logo enhances brand recognition and adds a sense of professionalism to your product offerings. Certified Naturally Grown farmers receive access to a diversity of marketing assets such as stickers, labels, twist ties, and market signs. They may also use the CNG logo for customizing websites and other digital products.

We are continually updating our social media accounts with educational, customer-forward content. By following CNG on Instagram and Facebook, you have a continuous supply of posts and reels to share with customers and followers about the ideals, benefits, and importance of your certification.

Gain access to more selective markets and co-ops.

Select markets and independent grocers are increasingly requiring some form of recognized certification. By becoming Certified Naturally Grown, you may find opportunities to sell at new venues — oftentimes fetching a premium price for your certified products.

Benefit from discounts and early invitations to educational opportunities, business partnerships, and more!

Our members are always the first to receive notice of new CNG Farm School classes and networking opportunities — oftentimes saving as much as 50% on ticket prices!

Trusted agricultural suppliers regularly provide discounts to CNG Farmers through Business Allyship or sponsorship of educational events.

10% Discount

10% Discount

Seven Springs Farm Supply is a Business Ally of Certified Naturally Grown

7% Discount

$10 Discount

30% Off All New Subscriptions

15% Off Marketing Services + 1 Year Free Premium Feature

10% Off Sensor Systems

Still wondering if it’s a good fit?

Schedule a Free Consultation.

You’ll review your management practices with our Certification Specialist and determine if CNG is a good fit for your farm. Plus, you’ll gain practical advice on natural growing techniques, input compliance, seed suppliers and more!

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