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Winter News from Your Grassroots Certification: 39 New CNG Farms & More

Even winter is an abundant time at Certified Naturally Grown: we’re celebrating 39 newly certified farmers and beekeepers! Check the list below to see if a farmer you know is among them. Plus, we have brand new Business Allies and a blog bursting with fresh news.

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Congratulations to These 39 Newly Certified Farmers and Beekeepers

We are delighted to recognize the producers who have completed all the requirements for CNG certification since mid-June. They are listed below alphabetically by state and province. 
To find a list of all the Certified Naturally Grown producers in your area, visit our searchable map here.
Know someone who should be listed? Have them Get Certified! 

Faith Farms, AK
Baxters Apiary, AR
Kannett Farm, AR
Ozark Urban Greens, AR
St. Joseph Center of Arkansas, AR
Araceli Farms, CA
M-D Garlic Farms, CA
White Crow Ranch SLV, CO
Ellijay Mushrooms, GA
Paul’s Meadow, GA
Posley’s Produce, GA
Blue Gate Farm, IA
Twin Circle Farm,LLC, IL
Andorfer Acres West, Inc., IN
West KY Aquaponics, LLC, KY
Happy Hills Farm, LA
River Queen Greens, LA
Common Acre Farm, MA
Haile Orchard, MD
Hope Honey Farm, MD
Land Reef Farms, MD
Agape Community Farm, MO
Front Street farms, MO
Sanctified Soil, MO
SCG Market Garden, MO
Honey Tree Farm, NC
The Homestead Aronia Plantation, NE
Fox Creek Farm, NY
MandA Farm, NY
Skyhill Farm, NY
Briarpatch Botanicals, OR
Squared Roots Farm, OR
A Different Chick Farm and Orchard, TN
Brown’s Farm, TN
One Wheel Market Garden, TN
Sow and Harvest Farms, TN
Blue Eden Farm, VA
ColdSnap Aquaponics LLC, WI
Northern Creek Farm, AB


A Warm Welcome to our Generous 2019 Business Allies!

The Business Allies listed below are leaders in the sustainable agriculture community, and pioneers of our new and growing program. We’re grateful for their support, which helps keep Certified Naturally Grown affordable for CNG farmers and beekeepers.
We’re proud to announce that 26 like-minded businesses have signed on or renewed their Business Ally status so far in 2019! You can learn more about their outstanding work by clicking on the links below:
Banner Greenhouses
Brooks Contractor
Chelsea Green Publishing
CleBer LLC/Oggún
Dailey’s Farm & Walk-Behind Tractors
Drew’s Organics
Earth Tools
East End Food Co-op
The Fertrell Company
Food Conspiracy Co-op
Grower’s Discount Labels
Growing For Market
Harris Seeds Organic
Lee Publications
Nelson & Pade, Inc.
Ohio Earth Food
Salt & Soil Marketplace
SeaAgri, Inc. (SEA-90 Trace Minerals for Livestock and Soil)
Seven Springs Organic Farming Supplies
Small Farm Works
Victory Seed Co.
If you or someone you know represents a company that serves the sustainable agriculture community, we hope you’ll consider joining these excellent Allies. Click the button below to learn how. 

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All CNG producers are listed on our website. Would you like your farm on this map? Get Certified!  

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