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Summer News 🍅 56 New CNG Farms

Congratulations to These 56 Newly-Certified Farmers and Beekeepers
We are delighted to announce the most recent crop of Certified Naturally Grown producers who have met all the requirements for certification since April! They are listed below alphabetically by state and province. 

Yaqui Hideout, AZ
Owl and Bear Farms, CA
Honey Rock Landing, CO
The Village Farm, CT
Sunset Farm, CT
Sassy Bee Honey, DE
Bey Family Farms, GA
Bread And Butter Farms, GA
Red Ruby Farm, GA
Woodland Wellness, GA
Leo Nani Farms, HI
Ono Gardens, HI
Jupiter Ridge Farm, IA
Hammer Ridge Homestead, ID
Prairie Renaissance Farm, IL
The Table Farm and Workshop, IL
Locally Good, KS
Little Wren Farm Apiary, MA
Queen’s Greens, MA
My Mustard Seed, MD
Splendid Earth Farm, MD
Sunny Hill Growers, MD
Twelve Hands Farm, ME
CBI Giving Tree Farm, MI
Chubb E. Acres Farm, MI
Clear Bottom Lake Farm, MI
HeartBeet Farms, MI
Mayfield Cottage Greens, MI
Songbird Farm, MI
Third Coast Sustainability, MI
Back Yonder Farms, MO
Longpoint Farm, MO
Flower Farm and Cottage, MS
Cedar House Farms, NC
Dr. Buddy’s Bees, NC
Seven Oaks Farm, NC
McLawland Farms, NC
Black Dog Bees & Maple Trees, NHJGI Farms, NJ
Bark Hill Farm, NY
Macedon Center Farm, NY
Wolf Creek Garlic, OH
Hive, LLC, OK
JJ Natural Farm, OK
Phoenix Farms LLC, OK
Brick & Bower OR
Cultivate Farms, OR
Kohlmann Farms, PA
Botanical Bites & Provisions, VA
Shepherd’s Hill Farm, VA
Stallard Road Farm & Botanicals, VA
Tower Hill Farm, VA
Courage to Grow Farms, WA
Early Bird Farm, WA
Avrom Farm, WI
Happy Day Farmhaus, WI

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